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Sheffield University Nova Rocket Innovative Design Engineering

The first student-led Rocket Design Team to represent the UK in the world's largest international university rocket competition
18 - 22 June, 2019

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SunrIde (Sheffield University Nova Rocket Innovation Design Engineering) is a team of 15 people from 1st year undergraduates to Masters students, from five Engineering departments and the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Sheffield. The team was formed in 2017 with an objective of bringing together engineering skills and innovation for rocketry design.
We are a passionate team of students striving for excellence through engineering innovation with the intention of acquiring hands-on rocketry and space technologies experience and developing our engineering acumen. This team was founded by rocketry enthusiasts at the University of Sheffield fascinated by the art of rocketry, keeping our work ethic and team spirit intact.

Ground-breaking Agendas

Team SunrIde takes pride in being the first officially recognized UK team in history to participate in the world's largest international university rocket engineering competition, Spaceport America Cup. One of our goals is to have a team in the University of Sheffield participate every year in the annual Spaceport America Cup

James Barrowman Award

SunrIde is the award winner for the Best Flight Dynamics. We received the James Barrowman award at the Spaceport America Cup 2018 for achieving 'an altitude an accuracy of 99.83%' under the 10,000ft. This is a substantial achievement being the first and only team from the UK to ever participate and receive an award in the world's largest Intercollegiate competition.



Hurray! Our engineers work really hard to make the impossible: launch our new rocket Helen to an altitude of 30,000 feet. We are going to compete at the Spaceport Cup 2019 competition this June in the USA

Spaceport Cup
2 High Power Rockets
30000 feet Apogee
200 teams from around the world
1 Phenomenon

Where did the idea come from?

Project SunrIde is originally inspired from the successful Project SunbYte, University of Sheffield’s balloon telescope project. As the University of Sheffield did not have a focused group and much experience on rocket engineering, we strive to become a pathbreaking rocket engineering team at the university and in the UK through the support and willingness of the Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) department at the University of Sheffield.

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