United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) Team SunrIde is very proud to be in collaboration with the UK Rocketry Association. The United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) promotes and represents high power, medium power and model rocketry in the United Kingdom for amateur research, educational and recreational purposes. UKRA is also the specialist technical body to the BMFA with responsibilities for High Power Rocketry.

Airframe, Payload and the motor retainer

The design procedure of the rocket starts with its functional purpose of carrying a payload of mass = 4 kg, according to CubeSat volumetric restriction of CubeSat multiples of 10cm×10cm ×10cm. In other words, the payload should sum up to a volume of = 30 cubic meter or three cubes comprising a final dimension of 10cm×10cm×30cm. The payload consists of two different configurations. The first one is an enclosed volume that is locked in position by M6 structural rods and bulkheads. The second, a backup, was initially designed to be slid on structural rods connected to bulkheads but upon design revision it was changed to the newer one. The old one fits in the newer design so they are interchangeable.
Next, the motor retainer is uded to hold the mototr in place and is made of Aluminium using a CNC machnine at the iForge. body tube is made of fiberglass measuring 6 inches for the inner diameter, as required to have ample dimensions to accommodate the payload, and 0.11 inch wall thickness. The tube coupler, which is made of kraft phenolic, measures at least 1.5 caliber (1 body tube diameter) on each side of the tube, meaning at least 3. The coupler is rigidly attached using glue to the interior of one of the tubes.


An event held by the Midland Rocketry Club (UKRA affiliated). The event comprised of the launch of more than 30 rockets (multi-stage rockets, single & dual deployment ).

4"Honest John Fiberglass

The 4"Honest John Fiberglass: In real life, the Honest John missile was armed with a nuclear warhead (that's why it had such a big nose cone). This 1:8.5 scale model lives up to the reputation of having "raw power" that the real surface-to-surface weapon had.


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Space Rocks II!

Our first outreach event at Eckington school - Space Rocks II/p>