Meet Our Team

The SunrIde II team is consisted of 15 dedicated and hardworking students from the Faculty of Engineering and the School of Mathematics and Statistics. The aim of the team is to educate and prepare engineering students to successfully enter the space industry upon graduation, having acquired technical confidence and set the theoretical foundations that will differentiate them from other candidates. The first objective for this year is to once again compete in Spaceport America Cup, this time advancing to the 30,000 feet milestone. The second objective is to take part in the SDL Payload Challenge. The scientific data acquired from our experimental payload mission will be utilized to advance research within the University of Sheffield and the SunrIde community.

Vishan Nair

Project Lead

Georgios Rontogiannis

Project Lead

Konstantinos Ioannou

Technical Lead

Dimitris Boufidis

Media & Communications Director

Ben Appleby

Design & Propulsion (CFD) Team

Abdel Alomari

Design & Propulsion (CAD) Team

Dana Arabiyat

Design & Propulsion Team

Karan Mangat

Design and Propulsion (FEA) Team

Anton Permyakov

Manufacturing Team

Advaitha Mahesh

Avionics Team

Abdullah Alsulami

Avionics Team

Arsheen Mir

Avionics Team

Charles Spencer Coleman

Avionics Team

Matthew Lennard

Recovery Team

Dr. Viktor Fedun

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Gary Verth

Faculty Advisor