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Sheffield University Nova Rocket Innovative Design Engineering

The first student-led Rocket Design Team to represent the UK in the world's largest international university rocket competition
22 - 26 June, 2021

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Who We Are Learn more about us

SunrIde (Sheffield University Nova Rocket Innovative Design Engineering) is a team of students from 1st-year undergraduates to PhD students, from various Science and Engineering departments of the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. The team was formed in 2017 with an objective of bringing together engineering skills and innovation for amateur rocketry.

We are a passionate team of students striving for excellence through engineering innovation with the intention of acquiring hands-on rocketry and space technologies experience and developing our engineering acumen. We aspire to build a platform for students of all levels of expertise to learn and have hands-on experience in rocketry and its adjacent technologies. We aim at achieving that by integrating students’ projects into our rockets designs and payloads, collaborating with other universities and companies across the UK, and providing teaching materials and activities in all forms to students thriving to learn about rocketry.

Achieving such goals requires building a fluid team spirit. Therefore, what makes us productive and special as a team is that we provide a fair chance to exchange knowledge, time, and experience between all students and from alumni to current members. Following our belief of providing the best environment to get a dynamic work ethic and the best out of individuals, we arrange socials, take part in conferences and events to encourage our members to bond and communicate better.


Launch of our second high power rocket - HELEN

About Helen

Helen was a sounding rocket made of carbon fibre with aluminium nose tip competing in Spaceport America Cup 2019 in the 30,000 ft. apogee category with a COTS Solid motor. The use of unique bio-resin in the place of epoxy resin displayed the team’s aim to reduce environmental impact in manufacturing processes. The rocket also carried a scientific payload on-board to conduct vibrational analysis on interior components, which aids with future vibrational studies for sounding rockets in the university.

Breaking a national open altitude record

United Kingdom Rocketry Association has confirmed that the SunrIde rocket, Helen (named after astronaut Helen Sharman, an alumna of The University of Sheffield), that was launched in Spaceport America 2019 which recorded an apogee of 36,274 ft and speeds up to Mach 2.67, officially holds the number#1 spot in the UK after breaking the previous record was set back in October 2000 by Project MARS. This was our second rocket and our second time breaking records!

916 m/s speed reached
36274 feet Apogee reached
121 teams from around the world


Launch of our second high power rocket - AMY

Rocket Amy was a high-power rocket that aimed to reach 10,000ft altitude in Spaceport America Cup with 4 kilograms payload carrying capacity and a solid COTS motor.

Ground-breaking Agendas

Team SunrIde takes pride in being the first officially recognized UK team in history to participate in the largest international university rocket engineering competition, Spaceport America Cup. One of our goals is to have a team in the University of Sheffield participate every year in the annual Spaceport America Cup

James Barrowman Award

SunrIde is the award winner for the Best Flight Dynamics. We received the James Barrowman award at the Spaceport America Cup 2018 for achieving an altitude an accuracy of 99.83% under the 10,000ft. This is a substantial achievement being the first and only team from the UK to ever participate and receive an award in the largest Intercollegiate competition.

99 % Accuracy
10017 feet Apogee
100 teams from around the world

Where did the idea come from?

Inspired by the vision of SSI and the recognition gained by the projects they represented in 2017, SunrIde was the milestone set to start the journey of rocketry for the university of Sheffield. Assessed by the Automation and control systems engineering faculty (ACSE), we thrived to be a multi-university record breaking team, forging new extents to the potential of our students every year.

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