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SPACEPORT America 2018

19 - 23 June, 2018

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Sheffield University Nova Rocket Innovative Design Engineering

The first student-led Rocket Design Team to represent the UK in the world's largest international university rocket competition
19 - 23 June, 2018


The University of Sheffield

Groundbreaking ideas that will redefine the course of rocket design in the UK

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Who We Are Learn more about us

SunrIde (Sheffield University Nova Rocket Innovation Design Engineering) is a team of 26 people from 1st year undergraduates to PhD students, from five Engineering departments and the Maths Department of the University of Sheffield. The team was formed in 2017 and began with the objective of bringing together engineering skills and innovation for rocketry design.
We are a passionate team of students striving for excellence through engineering innovation with the intention of acquiring hands-on rocketry and space technologies experience and developing our engineering acumen. This team was founded by rocketry enthusiasts at the University of Sheffield fascinated by the art of rocketry, keeping our work ethic and team spirit intact.

Groundbreaking Agendas

Team SunrIde takes pride in being the first officially recognized UK team in history to participate in the world's largest international university rocket engineering competition, Spaceport America Cup. One of our team's goals is to have a team in the University of Sheffield participate every year in the annual Spaceport America Cup

An Amazing Experience

SunrIde brings a unique opportunity to expand the knowledge of students about rocket engineering, as they will have to design, build and test a rocket and all control systems related to the rocket stabilisation and ground station. This is a substantial engineering challenge and success will depend on creating and innovating, as well as overcoming any unexpected difficulties.

Meet Our Team

Team SunrIde is a dedicated team from first year undergraduates to PhD students who believe that space technology is the key to the future.

Jae Hyun Lim

Project Lead

Ankita Kalra

Project Lead

Andrea Schiona

Team Lead

Vishan Nair

Team Lead

Daniel Diaz

Team Lead

Yun-Hang Cho

Core Member

Deepak Jindal

Core Member

Anant Bhatia

Core Member

Gopika Narayanankutty

Core Member

Konstantinos Ioannou

Core Member

Dr. Viktor Fedun

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Gary Verth

Faculty Advisor

Where did the idea come from?

The SunrIde project is originally inspired from the successful SunbYte project, University of Sheffield’s balloon telescope project. As the University of Sheffield did not have a focused group and much experience on rocket engineering, and through the support and willingness of the Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) department at the University of Sheffield, we strive to become a pathbreaking rocket engineering team at the university and in the UK.

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